McIntire Expansion Project

The growing Commerce Complex on the southeast corner of UVA's historic Lawn will include a newly constructed Shumway Hall, McIntire’s current home of Rouss & Robertson Halls, a reimagined Cobb Hall, and a host of inviting outdoor gathering spaces. The Expansion Project is transforming the University and growing the Commerce School’s footprint with expanded walkways, green spaces, and outdoor meeting areas. As the construction advances closer to its completion, this gateway to Grounds will welcome thousands of students, faculty, staff, and visitors every day and provide a symbolic and important link between the City of Charlottesville and the University.

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Featured Spaces

Shumway Hall

Anticipated to be a hub for Commerce students and pan-University collaboration, this modern, high-tech, student-focused building will include flexible classrooms, unique event spaces, tech and innovation labs, a café, and versatile student study and lounge areas. Initially funded with a $25 million gift from The Chris & Carrie Shumway Foundation, Shumway Hall will enable McIntire to increase collaboration with faculty across disciplines, explore new degree and certificate offerings, and provide access to supplemental education opportunities to students across Grounds.


The centerpiece of Shumway Hall, the Atrium will be a unique architectural space on Grounds, boasting a full two stories with inviting natural lighting and a large traveling staircase. The Atrium will provide ample room for meaningful interaction, serving as a community lounge by day and an ideal space for large gatherings such as alumni events, receptions, seated dinners, and more. Additionally, it will function as a large auditorium for signature events such as featured speakers, forums, and symposia, with space to accommodate 350+ audience members.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center inside Shumway Hall will be home to all academic advising, student life, and career development operations. The two-story space, connected by a central staircase, will be a one-stop destination for advising and student organizations. From academic and study-abroad advising to internship and career exploration and preparation, students will find all of the support they need in the Student Success Center. In addition, McIntire’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives will also have a home in this dynamic student-focused space.

Crescent Courtyard

The Crescent Courtyard will serve as an outdoor gathering space set between Shumway and Cobb Halls. This uniquely designed area on Grounds will serve as a location for casual meetings and study. In addition, the Courtyard will be the site of many School events, and provide supplemental space for major events held in the adjacent Atrium.


The Plaza will be an outdoor focal point for the entire Commerce complex. The space currently known as Ruppel Drive will be transformed into a park-like, pedestrian area restricted to any vehicular traffic. The Plaza is envisioned to include outdoor study space and locations for food trucks during special events hosted here on beautiful Charlottesville days.


The Commons will be a large, multi-use space within Shumway Hall overlooking Jefferson Park Avenue. Adjacent to the Café, it affords an ideal space for students to gather in a casual setting. With comfortable and inviting seating, it is sure to be a very popular space for students.


Situated at the main entry point to Shumway Hall, this two-story common area will provide beautiful Courtyard views. The spacious lobby will house several seating niches throughout the space as well as study areas tucked into the upper level balcony. Students, faculty, and staff will have plenty of space to gather in the Arcade with their morning or afternoon coffee, catching up on news, and connecting as a community. This space will have a more traditional University feel, contrasting nicely with the modernity of Shumway Hall.

Atrium Gallery (300 Level)

This high-traffic gallery spans the area between the east entrance to Shumway Hall and the Café. Bordered to the north by an entirely glass façade overlooking the Courtyard, student event spaces will open into the Gallery, which offers a location for students, organizations, and corporate partners to interact. Dynamic views into the two-story Atrium highlight this active space.


A highly anticipated space for the entire McIntire community, the Café within Shumway Hall will be a popular destination within the Commerce complex. This gathering area for students, faculty, and staff will provide healthful food and drink options throughout the day. With seating inside the Café and in the adjacent Commons Lounge, students can choose where to enjoy their meals.

Innovation Gallery

Rich with natural light and overlooking the Atrium, this dramatic balcony space encompasses the entire 200 level of Shumway Hall. Flanked by innovation, analytics, and technology labs, the Innovation Gallery also provides comfortable and quiet group study spaces. During high-capacity events on the Atrium floor, the gallery will offer an additional viewing area for guests.


This double-height lounge inside Cobb Hall will offer cozy seating areas enhanced by the warmth of wonderful natural light. Ready to host intimate events, the design of the Solarium will present a historical nod to the original 1917 Cobb Hall space, originally a lecture hall for Medical School classes.

Grand Classroom

Adjacent to the Atrium, this innovative, divisible flat-floor classroom is designed to promote flexible student-centered learning. This space offers flexible seating and is completely configurable for small group work, large discussions, individual desks, and a variety of other arrangements. The classroom has a secondary use as a significant event space (200+ people), and a partition allows for two distinct classroom spaces as necessary. With its distinctive large-scale arched windows, this learning space will be visible from Jefferson Park Avenue.



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