Inspired Educators

McIntire faculty create and launch innovative courses with real-world context. They impart critical thinking skills and encourage personal responsibility. The Centennial Fund for Faculty Excellence is a powerful resource that guarantees that we attract and retain inspirational, gifted business educators for our next century and beyond.

Visionary Scholars

Contributing new knowledge across traditional business disciplines and emerging areas such as cybersecurity and analytics, McIntire professors are big thinkers who transform potential into reality through innovation and new ventures. The Centennial Fund for Faculty Excellence allows McIntire to play a vital role in solving our world’s most pressing business challenges.

Passionate Mentors

Mentors and advisors, McIntire faculty they enrich learning and build community by devoting themselves to their students and their work. Outside the classroom, our faculty are renowned for their open minds, open hearts and open doors. The Centennial Fund for Faculty Excellence ensures that meaningful faculty interactions with our students are always at the heart of a McIntire education.

Together We Will Inspire McIntire’s Next Century

A cornerstone of McIntire’s campaign, the Centennial Fund for Faculty Excellence will provide support for our exceptional faculty in perpetuity.

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I love the faculty at McIntire. Being able to walk into any office for help regardless of my relationship with the professor has been an absolute blessing for my education. They are constantly supportive, encouraging, and willing to help you achieve whatever goals you have. The professors I have had have become some of my closest mentors, and I hope that it stays that way post-graduation as well.

George "Win" Maddox '18

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