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Here, it’s never business as usual.

McIntire’s six research centers serve as the School’s nexus of collaboration, helping to facilitate learning opportunities that disseminate valuable information to students, industry, and academia.



$1.32M of $20M goal

As of June 29, 2020

Industry and Academic Insights

Through executive education, corporate speaker series, industry treks and forums and symposia, the centers offer avenues for the McIntire community to explore knowledge and insights. As a result, our students, faculty and industry partners gain an understanding of commerce as a vital and beneficial exchange that has the power to profoundly affect our world.

A Foundation for the Future

While each center has a distinct focus, they all aim to infuse the McIntire student experience with knowledge that allows our graduates to bring a creative, responsible, and intuitive approach to their professional trajectory. Each center is committed to developing relevant and timely curricula and programs pertaining to their disciplines.

Rigor, Relevance and Reach

McIntire’s research philosophy is rooted in both rigor and relevance. As our faculty performs and disseminates research that informs industry and betters society, the centers support their endeavors and broaden their reach. The centers offer students, alumni, academics, and industry partners an array of collaborative learning opportunities.

Together We Will Inspire McIntire’s Next Century

Investing in our centers fosters a meaningful interaction between McIntire’s faculty, industry and our students. Read about all of our centers.

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Over the years, I’ve collaborated with McIntire’s Center for Business Analytics (CBA) on many research projects that provided insights to inform curriculum, empower my organization, and guide industry. Through conferences like CBA’s annual Analytics Colloquium, we’ve benefited from a platform to share invaluable expertise with other thought leaders in the field while enhancing the Commerce School experience for students. McIntire’s Centers bring students, faculty, alumni, industry, and real-world research together in truly powerful ways that create new opportunities for everyone involved.

Yang Shim

EY Partner, McIntire '96

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